It is not easy to find the perfect sheets; those with a silky and almost glorious touch. There is a lot of variety in the bedding’s offer of all kinds of qualities. We cannot deny the competition and the existing battle of affordable prices. In this manner, today we are going to clarify the most important points when it comes to recognizing textile quality standards.

Many low-cost brands have tried to imitate the manufacture of premium fabrics. However, in the long term, it will be more expensive to acquire a low-cost blanket or set of sheets than to buy them at a higher quality. Given the nature of the fabric, these will give you better results.

Hints to analyze the textile quality standards

  • The Design
  • The finishes
  • The use of natural fibers

It’s always recommendable to know the use and types of natural fibers you can find in the market nowadays. Resistance and durability are the typical features of an authentic high-quality fabric. However, these are some textile quality standards you need to take in consideration before you buy a new pack of sheets.

Hints textile quality standards

  1. Keep in mind that natural fabrics always have a cut and size meticulously studied that fits perfectly.
  2. If you notice a high percentage in the composition of artificial fibers, don’t have a single doubt that it’s a poor quality fabric. Premium home textiles typically have between 65% and 100% non-synthetic natural fibers.
  3. If you find buttons or ribbons, this is an indicator that you have a quilt cover of 10 in your hands.
  4. The use of zippers is impractical, it wears out and the seams damage quickly over time. Garments that have some kind of extra like more buttons or a decorative element are usually premium textiles.
  5. Many of the answers are on the label. This must indicate and respect the current regulations, such as: manufacturer’s brand, origin, fiscal identification, the composition of the bedding or bathroom.
  6. There are also included maintenance tips to extend the life of the garment. As a low-temperature wash, by hand or dry.
  7. The stitching without threads show a meticulous, firm construction and that will not break easily.

If you want to decorate your home with only durable and quality fabrics, guide yourself by the composition of the natural fibers and fabrics used. Of course, recognize the textile quality standards and don’t forget the 7 tips that I have just presented!

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